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School of Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Students in the School of Business, Leadership, & Entrepreneurship collaborate to tackle problems, design solutions, and participate in industry-focused projects leveraging individual, cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Using authentic industry protocols, students showcase their professional business and communication skills necessary to compete in the culturally diverse market.

Possible Careers

  • Small Business Owner

  • Event Planner

  • Operations Research Analyst

  • Media Marketing

  • Accountant

  • Strategic Communications

  • Retail Buyer

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Customer Service

  • Broadcasting

  • Journalist

  • Political Science

FCCLA Students


BUSINESS PATHWAY Master the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation while learning the skills necessary to become a game changer in any business field.    

MARKETING PATHWAY Prepare for a multitude of careers through a versatile program that focuses on design foundations, sports marketing and more.

Students: For more about the School of Business, Leadership, & Entrepreneurship, CLICK HERE!